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Fire Damage Cleanup

If you’re needing Fire damage restoration in Phoenix, AZ, you have come to the proper position. Water Mold & Fire focuses on restoring dwelling and companies that have lately been damaged by numerous kinds of fires. So although you may have your hands complete at the minute, rest simple knowing that we’ve coped with the worst of the worst situations and will probably be able to restore your property back to its or initial state; often times even better! Our pro technicians will walk you through the process every measure of the way. Please take a instant to read on and learn about the services we offer and why it’s so very important to use a professional for a fire damage restoration.

Structural Assessment

Before we get started our technicians must assess whether the building is structurally sound. We should know if it is safe for our team to be working in and finally if it is safe for the people that dwell it on a regular basis. Whether that means your family or co workers, security is consistently the top priority. Occasionally it is essential to start over and if that’s the case we will relay the info.

  • Protein Fire – Cooker, grease, burned food, or any living tissues. Least smoke remainder of all fires.
  • Wood and Paper Fire – Loft, fireplace malfunction, trash can fires, and general house fires where wood and drywall play a big part.
  • Synthetic Fire – Carpeting, upholstery, electrical, and plastics.
  • Blend Fire – Any mix of 1 or more of the preceding. Most big fires end up truly being a mix of some sort.

Remove Dirty Materials

If we’re chosen to take on the project, we will begin by removing all damaged building materials and private possessions from the premise. That means anything that is damaged not only by flames but also smoke damage. Since fires are normally put out by water, we also need to cope with water damages too. Many folks do not comprehend that they’ll be dealing with those problems on top of the fire until it really happens but it’s the unfortunate truth. We actually deal with water damage more than fire so we’ll definitely be competent to manage any dryouts.

Smoke and Odor Removal

What most general contractors can not achieve that we’re experts in is removing lingering smells from smoke. Even if all damaged building material is removed, you’re made with a damaged indoor air quality which is not agreeable or healthy to be around. Our team uses state of the art air scrubbers during the restoration procedure to ensure not only the building is returned to standard but also the atmosphere. Aside from experience assessing whether the building is safe, this can be the largest thing we offer that most remodeling companies don’t.

Regardless of how little or big your fire loss is, the pros here at Water Mold & Fire will have the ability to allow you to restore the home or company back to standard faster than you ever presumed before. If you’ve got any questions or would enjoy to setup an estimate, please give us a call at: 480-984-4543.

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