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Water Damage Repair Costs

Repairing water damage to your home can be quite expensive. However, the exact price can vary by huge degrees. It also depends on factors like the type of water damage incurred, the extent of the water damage and more. So before we talk about prices, we first need to better understand these factors.

Type Of Water Damage

The type of water damage plays an important role. There are three types of water damage:

  • Clean Water Damage: Clean water damage refers to damage caused by non-toxic water sources. Examples include rainwater collecting on your carpet because of an open window. Another example includes a sink overflowing.
  • Grey Water Damage: Grey water damage is caused by water that contains a limited quantity of pollutants. Suppose for instance if a dishwasher or washing machine discharges soapy liquid all over the place.
  • Black Water Damage: This damage occurs because of the release or build-up of either sewage water (waste) or flood water. It’s the most dangerous type of damage, and it cannot be rectified without professional intervention.

Clean water damage is the easiest to fix, so it obviously results in cheaper prices. Grey or black water damage, on the other hand, require far more stringent disinfection techniques. They can therefore be very pricey to ameliorate.

Extent Of Water Damage

Another important factor is the extent of the damage. Water restoration companies usually base their quotes on square footage. They designate your home into what are known as patches, and then they tie a quote to each patch.

The key to understand is that there is a big difference between a small flood in your basement and a huge flood on the ground level of your home. We daresay that the extent of damage is in fact the prevailing factor behind costs. However, the type of damage also matters!

Materials Involved

Yet another factor is the type of materials present in your home. Carpeting is much easier to deal with because it can be cleaned and/or replaced with a lot less tribulation. Hardwood floors, however, require more work, more time and thus more money.

Cost Estimates

Now that we understand that, we can better understand the cost estimates. These include four specific types:

  • First you must pay for the costs of any materials and/or equipment used. You must also pay for the transportation of said equipment to your home.
  • Next, you must pay for all on-site prep work. Companies do not just jump into your home and start working. They need to set everything up properly.
  • You of course must pay for the actual restoration ad clean-up process. This tends to be the most expensive part.
  • Last but not least, you need to pay for labor. This includes the labor involved to set things up, clean your home and whatnot.

Unfortunately, this only represents part of your costs. There are other costs that may be present:

  • You might need to pay general contractor fees. These are usually added along as a percentage-based surtax.
  • You may have to pay sales tax on all materials and supplied purchased and used for the restoration of your home.
  • You might also need to pay for permit or inspection fees. This will be dependent on your local building department.

Insurance Considerations

Hopefully, you have homeowners’ insurance. This can eat up a huge chunk of the costs. The one stipulation is that you must seek immediate help from a professional. Otherwise, the insurance company can claim negligence and thus force you to pay for everything out-of-pocket.

Potential Costs

The last thing we want to do is give you a list of potential costs. This is not scientific by any means. It just represents commonly seen quotes and prices. Again, the prices can vary.

  • A small leak in a roof usually costs no more than $300 to repair.
  • Dealing with a flooded basement can range from $500 to $10,000.
  • Damage caused by a burst water pipe can cost between $5000 and $70,000.
  • Damage caused by storm flooding runs between $7000 and $25,000.

Obviously, the prices vary. One thing remains sure no matter what, though — that your best bet is to reach out to a water restoration services company ASAP and a get quote! The quicker you do this, the quicker everything can be repaired!

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