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Mold Remediation Costs

When it comes to mold removal, something you must consider is the cost. Certainly, your family’s safety and well-being is more important, but still. It never hurts to be aware.

If you’re dealing with a relatively small quantity of mold, then you might be able to deal with it yourself using conventional cleaning supplies. However, if you’re talking about mold scattered throughout your home (such as the mold that spawns after a flood), then you’re going to have to hire a specialist!

The question remains — how much is it going to cost to get mold removed from your home? The best way to answer this question is by taking a closer look at the mold remediation process itself.

Inspection & Testing

The first part of remediation is inspection and testing. The specialists go through your entire home and find every single, itty bitty mold infestation inside it. The good news is that this particular part of the process is entirely free.


The bulk of the costs will come from the actual remediation process itself, i.e., what types of equipment are used (wipes, HEPA vacuums, wet vacuums, etc.), the quantity of labor required, the time required, etc. However, there is one key favor that places the largest role in determining cost, and that’s the LEVEL.

There are four levels of mold removal level, and each level comes with a higher price tag. This is important because not all mold remediation companies are equal. Some only provide level 1 services, while others provide level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4 services. Why does this matter? Keep reading to find out.

Level 1 Removal

A level 1 mold remediation requires a minimal amount of work. The specialists usually just cut away mold using a knife or straw. They then scrub the affected item, wall or whatnot. In fact, level 1 infestations are so minor that specialists usually refrain from even wasting your time and money by doing any professional testing. They just slice and clean.

  • Projected Cost: $500 to $1000
  • Quarantine: Not Required
  • Size Of Infection: Small

Now obviously, this remediation is very inexpensive. Before you choose it, however, do take into advantage its disadvantages. For one, no strategies are used to stop the mold from spreading spores. This means that the mold could wind up reappearing. Furthermore, level 1 mold remediation is done without any insurance.

Level 2 Remediation

With a level 2 remediation, things get a bit more interesting and thus also a smidgen more pricey. With this type of remediation, the specialists rely on HEPA filters and HEPA vacuums to literally suck the life out of every strand of mold in your home. This ensures that the mold has zero chance of re-colonizing and thus becoming a problem again.

  • Projected Cost: $1000 to $5000
  • Quarantine: Required
  • Size Of Infection: Medium

More importantly, level 2 remediation requires that the company follow all mold removal regulations set forth by the IICRC, aka the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The exact details of the certification are rather complex, but basically, it ensures that everything done by the company is done PROPERLY and SAFELY.

Level 3/4 Remediation

There are the most hardcore remediations, and as a result, they require the most work. They also require the most protective gear. For the most part, though, these levels are equivalent to level 2 remediation, except that they concern even larger mold infestations.

  • Projected Cost: $5000 to $30000
  • Quarantine: Required
  • Size Of Infection: Large to Extreme

Furthermore, level 3 and 4 remediation also require the services of third-party industrial hygienists. They basically supervise the remediation process for the safety of everybody involved. Also, all involved personnel must wear disposable respirators.

Present Costs Vs Long-Term Costs

Obviously, mold remediation can be expensive, especially if you’re dealing with a severe outbreak. However, just remember that the present costs are nothing in comparison to the long-term costs that could result if you allow you and your family to be exposed to mold.

With that said, we always recommend you speak with a professional, regardless of how benign a mold infestation may seem. We also suggest you always sign up for level 2 remediation service at a minimum. It might mean spending more now, but we assure you that it’ll also mean spending less in the future!

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